“Lisa is an incredible speaker... her words really resonate.”

-Katrine, attendee at International Women’s Day Event for Peapod Digital Labs

Photo by Bailey Yoo Rim Steinbach

Book me to move and spark your audience via insightful talks and engaging workshops that bring real connection.

Global Speaking

I present keynote addresses, lectures, and filmmaker talk-backs on autobiographical storytelling, intersectionality, the Third Culture Kid and Mixed Race experiences, intercultural competence, and the creative process.

Internationally, I’ve presented at the US Embassy (Panama), Tjarnarbíó  (Iceland), SIETAR Europa (Spain), the Women Playwrights International Conference (South Africa), and international schools in Panama and Singapore.

I have provided keynote addresses for Families in Global Transition (FIGT) and Peapod Digital Labs. I’ve presented at the World Bank Family Network, IMF Family Association, and Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. I’ve also presented at colleges and universities throughout the United States, including:
Princeton ︎ M.I.T. ︎ Cal State L.A. ︎ Wesleyan ︎ Williams ︎ Augustana (SD) ︎ Carleton ︎ Santa Clara ︎ San Diego State ︎ University of Arizona ︎ DePaul ︎ Smith ︎ Citrus ︎ Hillsborough Community College ︎ Saint Mary’s (IN) ︎ Wellesley

I lead autobiographical writing workshops, both in person and via Skype or Zoom. I’ve led them at
Princeton ︎ Cal State L.A. ︎ DePaul ︎ Saint Mary’s (IN) ︎ Wellesley ︎ Lewis & Clark ︎ Vassar ︎ Tennessee Tech ︎ University of Chicago ︎ Hillsborough Community College ︎ California State Summer School for the Arts ︎ Los Angeles School of Global Studies ︎  Bootleg Theater ︎  Families in Global Transition (FIGT) ︎ Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) ︎ NAFSA Region XII Conference ︎ TCK Symposium 

Keynotes, filmmaker talkbacks, and workshops can be custom-designed.

To book me as a speaker, please email me or fill out my booking form at the bottom of this page.

“The Transformative Power of Telling Our Intersectional Stories”
Clips from Keynote for Peapod Digital Labs on International Women’s Day

Keynotes & Presentations

The Transformative Power of Telling Our Intersectional Stories
This talk clarifies the difference between intersectionality and the intersections of identity, then highlights how telling both kinds of stories can resonate with countless people. I demonstrate how sharing our intersectional stories can connect us to one another and support the creation of more compassionate workplaces and a more just society. This can only help us at a terribly disconnected, contentious time. An excellent talk for DEI&B and women's events.

The Resonance of Intercultural Stories
This talk highlights how intercultural stories validate the experiences of countless people. My film Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is used as an example of the transformative power of intercultural, intersectional, and inclusive storytelling. I weave together clips from the film, thought-provoking ideas about intercultural upbringing and creativity, and personal reflections on making Alien Citizen. As a first-time filmmaker yet seasoned performer, I offer a unique perspective on the possibilities of intercultural creative expression and how we can honor and include diverse people’s stories. The talk also shows how Alien Citizen resonates for people who are not intercultural because the story reveals human truths. Thus, intercultural storytelling connects different people in ways they don’t often expect.

Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey - Filmmaker Talk-back
Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is the award-winning film of a funny and moving one-woman show about growing up in the intersections of identity, as a dual citizen of mixed heritage in Central America, North Africa, the Middle East, and New England.
After the screening, my lively and engaging talk-back helps participants learn more about Third Culture Kid (TCK) and Cross-Cultural Kid (CCK) issues and at the same time learn about the processes of filmmaking, theatremaking, and intercultural storytelling in general.

Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey

Who are you when you’re from everywhere and nowhere?
Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is my internationally toured one-woman show, which has been retired and is now a film on DVD and HD (streamable). Written & Performed by Elizabeth Liang. Directed by Sofie Calderon.

Filmmaker talk-back with Hillsborough Community College
Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey excerpt

“The Transformative Power of Telling Our Intersectional Stories”
Clips from Keynote for Peapod Digital Labs on International Women’s Day

To book me as a speaker, please email me or fill out my booking form at the bottom of this page.


“She is an incredibly captivating speaker.”
-Hadas, Peapod Digital Labs

"Funny, poignant, and sharp, with a sophisticated analysis of the intersections of identity.”
-Wendy Laura Belcher, Ph.D., Professor of African Literature, Department of African American Studies and Department of Comparative Literature, Princeton University

It was profound for all of us...brings laughter and tears to anyone who has lived this life or knows others who have.”
-Ruth Van Reken, author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

“Lisa did an amazing job discussing her experience and I found it very valuable.”
-Elizabeth L.C., Peapod Digital Labs

“Absolutely amazing... People loved it!”
-Smitha Radhakrishnan, Associate Professor of Sociology, Luella LaMer Associate Professor of Women's Studies, Wellesley College

“Excellent! It's important to understand intersectionality vs. intersections of identity and how deep it goes.”
-Traci, Peapod Digital Labs

“Engaging, poignant and entertaining... How refreshing your voice is, how interesting (even educational).
-Marilyn Tokuda, former Arts Education Director, East West Players

“I absolutely loved the talk - I think it really resonated with so many people that their stories are worth telling and being heard. There was humor, but a lot of truth and complex topics. It was very genuine.
-Elizabeth V.O., Peapod Digital Labs

“As a fellow TCK I am so thrilled that you are getting ‘our story’ out there. I found so much of what you said healing for me - ‘me too, me too, me too!’ I wanted to yell out.”
-Diahann Reyes, Writer/Speaker/Actor

“Incredibly moving and so relevant for any workspace...delivery was funny, touching and brave.”
-Attendee, Peapod Digital Labs

“I was blown away!”
-Thomas Lopez, Founder, Latinas and Latinos of Mixed Ancestry (LOMA)

I was so moved...emotional, funny and truly original.”

“So great!”
-Kate, Peapod Digital Labs
-Lauren, Peapod Digital Labs

Past keynotes, presentations, and workshops:

To book me as a speaker, please email me
or fill out my booking form at the bottom of this page.


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